How to claim from an accident management or credit hire firm

If you're claiming through a claims management company, accident management company or a credit hire company, it is important you do some research.

Your insurer may pass you onto a company who will advise that they can get you in a van straight away and take care of everything - at no cost to yourself. Do nothing until you have checked the company out. It's the same story if a company approaches you. You need to be assured that any company you use is acting with your best interest at heart and they will not at act in any way that could be in conflict to your interest.

It may sound odd, but whatever route you use, you need to look at what options there are to complain should things go wrong. Claims management companies must be regulated by the Claims Management Regulator. Currently, it is the Ministry of Justice that regulates over claims management companies.

This changes in 2018 when the Financial Conduct Authority takes over the regulatory Authority.
It is very important that any company you use is regulated by either The Ministry of Justice, The Claims Management Regulator or the Financial Conduct Authority.

If you use a company that is not regulated by the above, then you have no recourse of action via any arbitration services should things go wrong. With claims management companies and accident management companies, should you need to complain, you can do so to the Legal Ombudsman Service.

There has been plenty of contentious media on accident management companies, who cold call asking people whether they want to make a claim or have an injury from an accident. A lot of these companies are not regulated in any way. They do not have your interests at heart but want to sell your details to get a referral fee from a solicitor.


  • If you find a good company, then they should not act in conflict to your interest and you should get the full lawful financial settlement you are entitled too.
  • You should be provided with the correct legal representation to cover the area of claim you are pursuing. Make sure that the solicitors they use are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority (SRA).
  • Should the worst scenario happen, you can complain to both the SRA and the Legal Ombudsman.


  • Once an unregulated firm has your details, they will rarely assist you. Instead they will want to get you into a credit hire vehicle, as they also get commission for this.
  • To have a credit hire vehicle, certain requirements are needed. These need to be explained to you. Often, these unregulated companies do not explain everything.
  • It can end up with you having to attend court, providing all your financial details such as bank statements, to prove you had no other choice but to use this company.

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EthanReeves    on 14 March 2024

Thanks for the info. If I want to know more, I will ask.

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