What's an 'uninsured' loss?

Uninsured losses are the things that are not covered by your insurance as a result of an accident. These include your excess, loss of use, the cost of arranging an alternative vehicle and for personal injuries.

When you take out your policy, you may purchase something called legal assistance. This allows you to claim for the things above that are not covered by your contract of insurance.

Aside from the above, there are many other things that are seen in court as being 'reasonable' to claim for as an uninsured loss.

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For example, if you get the bus or a train to work, rather than hire a vehicle, you can be offered compensation for loss of use, even if you have not hired another van.

If you do not have legal assistance, you may need to seek the services of a solicitor or a claims management company to claim these uninsured losses back for you.

There are changes proposed which will affect your legal rights to representation meaning that you may well have to pay for your own legal fees. This is why we suggest always paying for additional legal assistance cover if you can afford it. 

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