Our Vans: Volkswagen T5 Transporter Kombi Sportline

The Transporter has made David very popular over the past few months, moving everything from kitchens to French doors.
I've left it late this year but finally the Transporter is on its winter tyres and ready for the cold weather.
Several people have confused our Transporter Kombi for a Caravelle. So is the plusher Caravelle a better choice?
Fuel economy is crucial for businesses and van owners but can you still expect good fuel consumptions with a 180PS TDI engine?
Our Transporter seems to have developed a leak in the front passenger footwell that occurs after heavy rain.
When our Transporter Sportline arrived in the summer it was the top model in the range but now it's been usurped by the Sportline 60. Boo.
Our Transporter doesn't come with a Volkswagen issue stereo. Instead it gets an aftermarket Kenwood one. And it's incredibly frustrating to use.
Over the summer the Transporter has been busy with the very useful towbar bike rack being pressed into action.
Our Transporter is proving popular as fellow motoring writer Kyle Fortune borrows it for a weeks holiday in Norfolk.
Remarkably it has been 60 years since the Transporter first went on sale in the UK. Our latest T5 model gets to meets its predecessors.
After two weeks with our new Transporter, David has invested in some ratchet straps to stop everything sliding about in the back.
The top of the range Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Sportline becomes the first van in the new Our Vans section where we'll be running it for six months.

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