Nissan Navara chassis corrosion – what you need to know

Published 13 February 2017

The Nissan Navara has been making headlines in recent weeks, with owners claiming that the pick-up is prone to snapping in half due to chassis corrosion.

Nissan has admitted that there is a chassis rust issue with the Navara, but the problem is limited to a small number of D40 models - built between 2005 - 2008. However owners who have contacted Honest John Vans say the problem is much bigger than Nissan is willing to admit and are calling for a national recall.

So, what is going wrong with the Navara exactly?

The issue concerns corrosion on the chassis and can result in the vehicle's underpinnings cracking and eventually breaking the vehicle in two if left untreated. Nissan says the problem is with D40 Navaras built between 2005 – 2008, but is limited to a very small number of models. Owners, however, claim that the issue is much larger and says that Nissan has been aware of it for over a year. Nissan denies this.

What is Nissan doing about it?

As you can imagine, this has made a lot of Navara owners rather worried. There are thought to be 35,000 D40 Navaras on the road and many of them are used for towing and carrying heavy loads. Any weakness in the chassis will cause a major problem. 

Nissan is offering free and independent inspections for all D40 models and, where there is a chassis issue, providing repairs or discounts and part exchanges against a new Navara. Nissan is keen to stress that this issue is limited to a small number of pick-ups and many vehicles have been checked and no issue found. 

What do owners say? 

Owners who have contacted Honest John Vans are angry, but we haven't heard from any who have actually experienced chassis corrosion issues. A Facebook group for owners has been set up and there is also talk of legal action being taken on behalf of owners. If you have experienced chassis corrosion or a snapped chassis then you should contact Nissan immediately. You can also tell us about it via Ask

I'm worried about my Navara, what should I do? 

If you own a Navara D40 built between 2005 - 2008 then you should contact Nissan's Care team on 0330 123 123. They will organise an independent inspection of your vehicle and then discuss the options should any problems be found. Nissan says it is backing customers through this, even though the affected vehicles are up to 12 years old.

There is no official recall, however, and Nissan states that 'as long as these vehicles are properly maintained, serviced and MOT’d they are safe to drive'.


roger burrows    on 14 February 2017

more nissan lies

Peanut222    on 15 February 2017

'Nissan is offering free and independent inspections for all D40 models'
'If you own a Navara D40 built between 2005 - 2008 then you should contact Nissan's Care team on 0330 123 123. They will organise an independent inspection of your vehicle'

No they will not... I have a 2008 plate navara and they told me they weren't interested in checking one built in 2008, despite there being welding done on part of my chassis from sometime before I owned it, which on a vehicle that's only 9years old now and has a 12year chassis corrosion warranty is a little worrying...
I was told I could take it to my local Nissan s****** and they could look at it to see if it required an inspection. The whole point of the inspection is that it's carried out by an impartial 3rd party, I don't want 'it's all completely fine' Nissan anywhere near my navara thanks!

anthony pinnock    on 30 July 2017

I have got a 2006 Navara D40 on a 55 plate that did get the cracks on the chassis and now has the dreaded navara chassis rot appearing further back between th the spring hangers near to the centre of the tyres and again further forward near the front leaf spring anchor points , i have currently got it booked in on Tuesday the 1st august 2017 for the free check . i will keep you updated with the out come

William Elgie    on 18 October 2017

I have a Nissan Navara 2005 which has a cracked chassis and Nissan won't do anything as the warranty ran out a month ago.

Rodney Burford    on 12 March 2018

I've just bought a 55 plate emailed Nissan. They said it's over 12yrs old so it's my problem

Michelle Braysford    on 28 August 2020

Our vehicle failed the test, (2007 plate) and they've offered us £600! No other option to either correct the fault or replace the car with a non failed chassis vehicle, and its an un-negotiable offer? How is that even correct when it is their fault for fitting a chassis that has a problem?

romandavis    on 20 April 2021

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   on 4 May 2021

John I've just become a navara owner and have a 2010 d40 tenka and I'm wondering if the chasis is subject to examination thanks

   on 4 June 2021

I'm in a state of panic and feel traumatised after a phone call to Nissan customer care centre! They say they will no longer help or do inspections on any cars! Mine is a Navara 60 plate. I've asked for a manager, we are due to go on holiday and I'm in a state of fear, been sick I'm worried that much! Can someone please please help me what I should do??

MichaelRose1    on 30 June 2021

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