Mercedes-Benz eVito electric van available from £31,895

Published 29 January 2020

The Mercedes-Benz eVito has officially gone on sale in the UK, with prices starting from £31,895 before VAT.

The medium size electric panel van has a maximum official range of 92-miles and takes six hours to charge. The electric battery pack is stored under the loadspace floor so it doesn't impact load capacity.

The eVito is available in two load lengths: L2 offers 6.0 cubic metres and a maximum payload of 923kg, while the longer L3 offers 6.6 cubic metres and a payload of 898kg. Both versions are below the 4250kg gross vehicle weight threshold for electric vehicles, which means they can be driven with a standard licence. 

Prices before VAT start at £39,895 for the L2 and increase to £40,415 for the L3; however, buyers automatically qualify for an £8000 discount, due to the fact the eVito qualifies for the Government's low-emission plug-in grant. This is processed by the showroom, which means the real world price in the UK starts at £31,895. The eVito also qualifies for complete exemption from the London ULEZ charge.

The front-wheel drive eVito has been aligned with the current diesel-powered Vito range and offers a standard specification that mirrors the Pure trim level. This means buyers get twin side sliding doors, wooden loadspace flooring, heated driver's seat and a vehicle tracker as standard. 

Progressive trim adds colour coded bumpers, front fog lights, automatic high beam headlights, selectable speed limiter and upgraded audio system as standard. All versions are supplied with a four-metre charging cable. 

Mercedes Pro connect comes as standard and is free for the first three years. This provides remote smartphone access for unlocking the doors (useful if you want work colleagues to access the load area) and a parking time monitor system. The van's heater and battery charging can also be accessed remotely.


Mike TTT    on 31 January 2020

92 miles range? Maybe in perfect conditions. Sorry but most businesses require versatility, so while a few calls around town might be ok I'd have to have another van to take up the slack for longer journeys. Sitting around for six hours waiting for a charge when you get an urgent call out?

Marcus T.    on 13 February 2020

Agree. Would need three times that range to be of use for me.

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