Volkswagen unveils Caddy California micro camper

Published 04 November 2020

Volkswagen is entering the micro camper market with the Caddy California. The small Volkswagen camper van can sleep two people and is available with a pull out kitchen and tent attachment. 

Volkswagen hasn't released any prices for the Caddy California, but expect the micro camper to reach the UK in late-2020.

The Caddy California will join the larger California and Grand California in Volkswagen's camper van line-up and be diesel-only. The Caddy will use Volkswagen's latest 2.0-litre TDI engine, with the choice of 75PS or 122PS power outputs.

The compact California is designed for camper van buyers who want a smaller vehicle that can reach campsites and pitches that the larger vans cannot. In standard form, the Caddy will feature front-wheel drive, while 4Motion four-wheel drive is also available.

VW Caddy California 3

The Caddy has four passenger seats for travelling and the rear bench folds forward to provide a completely flat double bed for two adults. The van also has a LED interior lights and a curtain system, so that the occupants can relax and get some privacy in the evening. 

The Caddy California can be configured with a large panoramic sunroof, which gives a view of the stars at night. An optional tent can be attached to the exterior of the van to increase the sleeping and living space. Two camping chairs and a table are also stored in a bag under the double bed inside the van.

The Caddy California’s optional mini kitchen can be pulled out to the rear and provides a single gas hob and storage for cutlery. It also has a hatch to provide protection from the rain while cooking. 

The driver will be able to download the free new ‘California on Tour’ app. Developed for Apple and Android smartphones, the app provides information about campsites and pitches, camping businesses, water and waste disposal stations. The app can be used with all Volkswagen camper vans.

VW Caddy California 2 


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BuddyLarkin    on 19 June 2021

Wow that was simply awesome. I have been looking for such kind of camper since long time to go for a travel but nothing has met my expectation. I have cheeked on many blogs for various models with amenities. But so far this was the best camper I have ever come across.

Edited by BuddyLarkin on 19/06/2021 at 14:48

Sam Tim    on 7 September 2021

I did not know how it is possible to create a camp by Car. I love the way you camp. Currently, I am a part of a travel agency in the UK, and most of the time we use this strategy during traveling which is a good and creative idea.

Mark Buttler    on 15 September 2021

Honestly! If I have a Volkswagen then I will definitely create this camping set for me. I went with my animation studios USA and we never implement this idea but for the next time, we'll implement it in order to enjoy it more.

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