Continental launches new winter tyre for vans

Published 21 January 2016

Continental has launched VanContact Winter, a new winter tyre designed specifically for vans. 

The new tyre has been created to provide better handling on snow and icy surfaces, as well as improving traction on wet roads.

The tyre replaces the VancoWinter 2 in the Continental line-up and offers a number of improvements, including a 15 per cent reduction in rolling resistance to aid fuel economy. Zigzag circumferential grooves and evenly spaced snow pockets in the shoulder blocks should also improve the compression of snow in the grooves, making for greater grip.

The tyre is available in 12 sizes and can be fitted to most vans, varying from compact commercials to large panel vans. 

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Van Contact Winter Product


nihomej740    on 22 November 2023

Continental has unveiled its latest innovation in vehicular safety with the launch of a new winter tire designed specifically for vans. This cutting-edge tire aims to enhance traction and control in icy conditions, providing a reliable solution for drivers facing winter challenges. The launch event, held at Newcastle Studios, showcased the tire's advanced features and demonstrated its performance benefits. As winter approaches, this new tire from Continental promises to be a game-changer for van owners, ensuring safer journeys through challenging weather conditions.

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