Is a van cheaper to insure than a car?

My son turns 17 next March. Once he passes his test in a car, he wants a small van - Caddy size - for travelling to various sporting events (have you seen the size of goalkeeping kits?). Would this be a cheap thing to insure or are we better with something like a Dacia?

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Insurance for young drivers is expensive at the best of times, but things get decidedly worse when you add vans into the mix. Indeed, during our research, a driver who is just 18-years-old can be quoted at least £3734 for 12 months’ cover for something as common as a second-hand Ford Transit Custom:

Given the sky high premiums, your son would be better off starting with something simple like a Ford Fiesta (insurance will be half that of a van). Once he's built up a couple of years of no claims he could then move onto a van. If he wants something practical and new, the Dacia Logan MCV is the cheapest estate on sale right now:
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