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Can I avoid paying VAT on a van I'm buying?

I want to buy medium-sized van, with a short wheel base for my son to continue his outdoor work. He fancies a Vauxhall Vivaro. What do you think is the best van overall? I have an £8000 budget, but i want to avoid paying VAT.

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The Ford Transit Custom is the best medium van you can get right now. And with payload weights ranging between 675kg and 1474kg (depending on which model you choose), it’ll provide plenty of usable carrying capacity for your son’s business:

The Vivaro doesn’t match the interior quality of the Ford and its maximum payload rating is lower at 1281kg. However, the Vauxhall will be cheaper to buy used and is backed by an impressive range of 1.6-litre turbodiesel engines:

When it comes to VAT, you can only reclaim if your business is VAT registered. And even then, it must be proportional to its business use:
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