Could you recommend me a powerful, off-road vehicle?

I'm a sheep shearer and I'm struggling to identify the right vehicle that meets my needs:

• Room for all my shearing equipment (stand, toolboxes, motor, 5ft sq. wooden board...)
• I do quite a few miles visiting over 200 farms a year but all within one hour of our house
• Often visit farms and shear at places with no road so 4x4 capability is preferable
• Need to be able to tow a trailer full of building materials e.g. sand, cement, gravel etc.
• Where I live is hilly, so it needs some power to get up the hills.

I currently have a 4x4 Renault Kangoo that is on its last legs. Currently considering a pick-up (probably Toyota Hilux but not sure which year), a Toyota Land Cruiser or a Land Rover Defender. Budget around £8000. I'd really welcome any advice you could offer. Thank you!

Asked on 27 May 2020 by Joseba Attard

Answered by Dan Powell
The Toyota Hilux would be my recommendation: it's brilliant off-road and has a strong reputation for reliability. The 2.5-litre turbodiesel is the best engine in the range. It has lower fuel costs, compared to the 3.0-litre, and delivers its 343Nm of torque much lower down the range (at 2800rpm) which makes it better suited for hilly terrain. For our Toyota Hilux review and used buying guide, see:
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