I need a cheap small van

I have a MINI but need a larger car for fishing so looked at a small van (Nemo, Vauxhall Combo) and find them nice to drive, inexpensive and convenient for other tasks.

However, when doing airport runs and the occasional shuttle house to house I'll need 2/3 rear seats, preferably collapsible.

I noticed a similar question where you suggested a Vauxhall Combo but the new model doesn't mention this capability.

Is it possible, and legal, to fix 2 fold up/fold down seats to the walls in the back of the van? If not, can you suggest the best relatively new, sub 10 grand van option with rear seat capability? (BTW This will also be my daily car as well as my fishing van so needs to be reliable if second hand).

Asked on 18 February 2012 by davetems

Answered by Honest John
No. You can't do that any more. Better to buy a combi version with them already fitted. They are not much dearer than the van versions and are usually cheaper to insure.
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