Berlingo - Van or Multispace?

I'm interested in changing my Skoda Fabia estate for a small car derived van. The main reason for this is to create a small "day van" for my various outdoor hobbies (fishing, bird watching) - it will not be a work vehicle.

However, I seem to have hit an issue concerning the associated costs with toll booths and ferries. It seems some companies see the word "van" and immediately hit you with the frieght charge. What I find particulary odd is that the Citroen Berlingo Multispace is classed as a car, but the standard Berlingo van is freight/goods, despite being the same base vehicle underneath. Even some breakdown companies have this distinction too.

Is there a car derived van which is universally accepted as a car, or am I just going to have to accept these charges? Or buy a Multispace version and heavily tint the side windows?

Asked on 24 September 2012 by Hewesy

Answered by Honest John
You have hit on a snag. Vans are also banned from Richmond Park, among other places. It actually makes more sense for a private individual to buy a Berlingo Multispace (for instance) than a Berlingo van. Cheaper to buy, cheaper insurance, higher speed limits, better resale.
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