New Astra XP Van: Turned out to be damage repaired - what can I do?

Having picked up a pre-reg Astra Van, it was registered seven days before I bought it, I got home and noticed the side had been extensively repaired.

I contacted the main dealer who offered me the chance of getting it repaired locally, so I took it to three garages. Two said it was an extensive rear quarter panel repair, and they would not fix it as it due to nature of repair. They said it would be almost impossible to fix without a new quarter panel.

The garage have arranged to have it picked up, it is 375 miles away, not sure about them driving it back racking up miles and they are sending a van for me to use when they take it back to have a look, as they claim they never knew it had been repaired, but they offered me the local repair without any pictures

The one quote I got was almost £1K and they said they would pay it if I wanted it fixed locally, due to it being a large repair filler almost from door to petrol cap from top side panel to bottom, I felt I would rather they had a look

Just wondering what my legal stance is on this? Am I within my rights to ask for replacement? I am not happy as the repair is rather large - had it been a small repair I would have been fine.

Asked on 20 February 2013 by smjr

Answered by Honest John
Reject it as "not of satisfactory quality" for a full cash refund quoting Clegg v Olle Andersson 2003:
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