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Had a lot of work completed on VW van but do not think the work has been done - where do I stand with complaints / redress?

I bought a VW van T4 approx 2010. It was burning a lot of oil and a little rough. I was recommended a local garage and they advised on the work to be carried out including a reconditioning of the engine. I wanted to make the van safe and of course roadworthy! They carried out a lot of work on it including passing two MOTs. Thousands has been spent on it and still some of the issues persist.

I recently had a second opinion and they feel looking at receipts then work has not been done. I therefore find myself with a van potentially still unsafe, thousands of pounds lighter and a garage that is still in business. I am now aware of otehrs that have been unsatisified with their work.

Can I go to an agency to investigate whether the work has been carried out?
How do I go about complaining about standards if not mechanically minded and difficult to question their work? Can I get money back?
Where do I sit legally?

Asked on 4 May 2013 by Carolyne

Answered by Honest John
You pay the more recent garage to analyse the bills and put its suspicions in writing. Then you confront the garage that did the work with this, threatening small claims action via
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