L200 load capacity

Mitsusbishi is claiming its new L200 has the highest load capacity of any of the pick-ups. As its towing capacity is less than many of the competition, how is this calculated (I presume it's related to GVW but none of the manufacturers seem to publish all the relevant figures).

Asked on 19 November 2015 by Mark Harvey

Answered by Honest John
What it can carry is different from what it can tow. Most pick-ups with the exception of some versions of the Volkswagen Amarok can take 1 tonne and that determines whether they can be classified as an LCV for company car tax purposes. UK versions of the new L200 come with either coil rear springs on the extended cab and double cab, or leaf springs on the single cab. The one with leaf springs can carry the most. Towing capability of pick-ups generally varies from 2500kg up to 3500kg.
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