Scrappage after accident, why not in every case?

A car crashed into the back of my rather old Toyota Hilux a few weeks ago. The other driver admitted liability and my insurer has written it off Cat D. I have been offered £2800 minus £350 for scappage. Market value places it at between £2750 - £3100.

My friend has just had his five and half year old Ford Focus stolen and was offered slightly above market value and no deductions because the car has not been found. Can you explain why they have to have the car and charge for it in one circumstance but clearly don't get the car in another?

Asked on 30 March 2016 by DP Solihull

Answered by Honest John
Because they have a tangible asset and an offer from a salvage operator for your pick-up. In the case of the Focus, the car might later be found relatively intact and in that circumstance would be worth more to the insurer than the £350 salvage of your truck. You have been offered £2,450 + your truck. Your friend got market value for his car, but no car.
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