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False accusation for car accident

My partner is a delivery driver by trade. He was working on a Saturday and had my daughter out in the van with him. When going through a small village he witnessed a man (on his own) fall off his bike so pulled over to check he was okay.

The man asked for my partner's phone numbers to be a witness to him falling off his bike (he assumed for insurance purposes to have his bike mended) a week and a day later we had a call from our insurance company telling us this same man has claimed that my partner hit him in his van which is why he fell off his bike.

Shocked doesn't describe how my partner feels. There is no damage to the van obviously and no witnesses or CCTV. How on earth does he prove that he didn't hit him.?

Asked on 20 October 2016 by VAustin

Answered by Honest John
You simply deny the accusation and demand of your insurers that the case goes to the small claims track of the County Court where the cyclist risks a prison sentence for perjury. Make sure you write a clear, concise account of the facts as they happened. It will probably transpire that the cyclist is a known rogue, possibly even a convicted drunk driver which is why he wobbled off his bike.
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