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Waiting three months for NV200 warranty repair - what are my rights?

My Nissan NV200 van developed a fault in August 2016 and was returned to my local dealer for repair under warranty. Since then I’ve called them numerous times and asked for a call back back with a firm date for the repair, but I’ve heard nothing definite. They gave me a small family car as a substitute, but this is totally unsuitable for my business. I have to make two or more trips to work to get everything there. The dealer keeps referring me to its customer service department who say they are waiting for a part, but that's as far as we've got in three months. What should I do?

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Demand a like-for-like replacement vehicle while yours is off the road. If they refuse, inform the dealer that you'll hold them liable for the costs incurred for renting a vehicle until yours is fixed. That should prompt them into finding you a temporary van. Otherwise you'll need to take legal advice on suing them to recover the costs incurred by renting a vehicle.

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