What will my 20 year old Volvo 940 and 2005 Toyota camper van cost to tax after the April VED changes?

I have a 20 year old petrol Volvo 940 and a 2005 Toyota diesel camper. I can't find anywhere what I will have to pay in road tax when I come to renewing the road tax after April 2017. Scarily, looking at figures - it could be in the region of £1000 and £2000 respectively. However, if it really only affects newly registered vehicles then maybe I should get them both taxed before 1 April 2017. At the moment one is SORN.

Asked on 21 February 2017 by Richard Stevens

Answered by Dan Powell
The new 2017 VED rules will only apply to new cars bought after the 1 April 2017. All cars registered before then will be taxed against the old CO2 system. For more details, see: www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/tax-insurance-and-warran.../
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