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A van I'm interested in buying is priced lower than expected - should I get an RAC inspection done?

I'm looking at buying a van and have narrowed it down to either a Ford Transit Custom or Mercedes-Benz Vito, on a 13-plate with good options. I want it to tow my caravan, but I've been told the Vito sits too low to tow a caravan. Also, if you were buying a full service history van from a dealer for £7000, would you spend £200 to get an RAC vehicle inspection report done? I'm considering it because I feel the advertised price of the van was a little lower than others around.

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I'd opt for the Ford Transit Custom, it's a much better all-rounder than the Vito and most versions will tow 2000kg, which should be enough for a mid-size caravan. Personally I'd pay for the inspection for peace of mind, although the dealer will be legally liable for any faults that develop within the first six months. For more used van buying advice, see: vans.honestjohn.co.uk/how-to-buy-and-sell/top-10-t.../
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