Toyota Dyna (2002 - 2014)


2.5 D4D 300 SWB Chassis Cab

reviewed by Jay Herring on 20 February 2014
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Fantastic. Reliable. Drives easy. Loads of power.

I've had a Transit Van, Hilux, Nissan Cabstar for my business (Landscape Gardener) before getting my Toyota Dyna. I have the single rear wheel version so it's only registered GWV of 3000kg. However, it weighs in at about 1660kg empty with a few tools in the front. This means I can load it up with as much weight as a Transit tipper or other other 3,500kg twin wheel type of builders vehicle. But when I'm running it about with no load it's like running a car about. In fact, I've had more than 1.5T on a couple of times (sorry Mr traffic cop) and it pulls away a drives/handles fine.
With no load on the back it's very economic and doesn't bounce about. However, because it's rear wheel drive I've had it stuck on wet ground when no weight on the back axle. I suppose any van/ flat bed would do this though.
It's nice to drive and although mines only done 71k so far I feel it's built to last. If I could wish for any difference it would be some storage space in the cab for tools behind the seats and to loose a bit of the flat bed for this - like a crew cab.
I'd highly recommend a Dyna for a builder or landscape gardener. Built to last.

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