Honest John Awards 2019: MAN TGE bags Large Van of the Year

Published 02 May 2019

Large Van of the Year - MAN TGE

MAN's a relative newcomer in the van market, but it's no less deserving of this award - with the MAN TGE taking the Large Van of the Year trophy at the Honest John Awards 2019. With a strong dealer and servicing network, not to mention excellent versatility, you could do a lot worse than running a MAN TGE.

“The MAN TGE is the new large van heavyweight champion of 2019," said Dan Powell, Editor of Honest John Vans. "Over the past 12 months it has become the most popular van in its class and beaten some familiar names to claim the Large Van of the Year title. Easy to drive, comfortable and capable of hauling huge loads, the MAN TGE van is officially one of the very best big vans.”

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