Starting trouble with a Vauxhall Combo

Vauxhall Combo 2005, 1.3 cdti around 90k on the clock.

Over the last year or so the van has been getting worse and worse to get started, especially when cold.

It can now take around 30 - 60 minutes each morning to start it, using jump leads or a booster after the van battey goes flat (have also tried easy start and bump starting and it's the same).

It's well serviced, new battery & new glow plugs made no difference.

Local garage don't know what the issue is and it's getting to the stage that it takes a good few turns to start it when it's warm as well now.

Do you know if there are common things I should check or replace or does it need to go into a more kitted out garage to fault find it? It's at the age / value where it's not worth paying a big garage bill to have it repaired I think.

Asked on 20 June 2012 by growlydog

Answered by Alan Ross
Well if you have a Bosch ECT (engine coolant temp) sensor fitted it may well be that you have a problem in that you have a poor connection in the ECT sensor harness multi plug connection, due to vibration. This is a known fault on these models and would require a modified harness /multi plug to be fitted.
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