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How can I get a Cat B van back on the road?

I bought a used (2002 model) Ford Transit Connect van six months ago. Last week someone scuffed the bumper and I made an insurance claim. After the insurance company priced it, they found some additional damage which I did know about. However, they have now written it off as a Cat B

I've been allowed to get the van back, but no one will insure it. I would like to repair it, but can't as HPI say the van is a total loss. What can I do?

Asked on 3 April 2015 by fitty24

Answered by Honest John
A Cat B has to be broken up for spares and cannot ever be put back on the road. It's possible that the hidden damage behind the bumper had been done before you bought the van. But it has been written off as unroadworthy and that's it. See:
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