Van has broken down after just a few weeks - what are my rights?

We purchased a van from a local dealer (2010 model, £4500) five weeks ago. Last week, the van developed faults and had to be recovered from the roadside by a local garage . A mechanic inspected the vehicle and advised (in a nutshell) that it required a new engine. The cost is estimated to be £2000 plus. We contacted the dealer twice by telephone, explained the problem and asked for him to inspect and repair it. He declined. The dealer offered £200 instead of inspecting and repairing it which we declined. We indicated we would accept £1200 towards the cost of the repairs (in order to avoid court action and to get the van fixed asap as we cannot work without it) which he refused.

We told him we would be forced to get it repaired elsewhere and issue small claims proceedings to recover losses if he did not come up with a better offer. Due to the fact the dealer is refusing to do any more than offer £200, we are considering telling the garage to go ahead and repair. If we do, do you think we have a case in small claims? ( Ideally, we would leave the van untouched until the matter is sorted through the courts but we cannot work without it)

Asked on 16 November 2016 by JLC

Answered by Honest John
I think you are on strong ground, but nothing is ever guaranteed. Your rights are here:
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