Should I treat the rust on my 2002 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter camper van?

I've bought a 2002 4WD Mercedes-Benz Sprinter high roof van that's partially converted as a camper. It's been well maintained but has some rust along the bottom panels and underneath, though not bad for its age. I'm wondering if I should clean up and treat the rust thoroughly or just give it a good Waxoyl or similar and forget about it. Part of that consideration is whether to strip out the camper beds to get in behind the plywood and under the plywood floor. I'm unsure if it's worth the effort? Also, I've have people tell me it's a very desirable van with the 4x4 and the 313 CDI engine. Any thoughts?

Asked on 27 March 2017 by Mark Sutherland

Answered by Dan Powell
Given its age and presumably high mileage, I wouldn’t spend too much money on sorting the rust spots. Not unless it’s serious enough to provide an imminent MoT failure or impact the safety of the vehicle. The 313 CDI is a good chain driven engine, but at 15 years old it’ll be reaching the end of its life. I’d recommend having it serviced, with a full oil and filter change. Keep an eye on oil consumption though. Propshafts can also break on higher mileage vans, so check when this was last replaced.
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