Ford e-Transit Custom MS-RT Review 2024

Ford e-Transit Custom MS-RT At A Glance


+Amazing styling, premium appeal, lively performance

-Lower range than less powerful models, limited body styles

Even in more basic trim levels, the Ford e-Transit Custom raises the bar in terms of what to expect dynamically from an electric van. But with the souped-up MS-RT model, the Blue Oval has created the fastest Ford Transit of the lot. Read our Ford e-Transit MS-RT review to learn more about the rally-inspired derivative of Ford’s finest.

The Ford e-Transit Custom is a van that has already bucked trends, with the manufacturer targeting private, micro-fleet and small business users ahead of the big fleets when it comes to encouraging more widespread adoption of electric vans. And nor more visible is that than with the Ford e-Transit Custom MS-RT, which is not only the sharpest-looking derivative of the Ford Transit Custom to date, but also the fastest of the MS-RT models, building on a relationship with the Welsh rally tuning firm that dates back to 2018 and has since become a standalone model derivate in the Ford Pro van line-up.

That’s down to a 285PS electric motor, with 415Nm of instant torque, delivering the kind of off-the-line performance that 20 years ago would have matched that of a high-end sports car, delivered to the rear wheels with a healthy dose of oomph. There are no 0-60 times quoted for vans, but Ford insiders have suggested that its around six seconds – delivered smoothly and progressively, but with lots of urgency.

The trade-off is a reduced electric range – around 170 miles as opposed to the 209-mile range of the mainstream variants. Like other Ford e-Transit Customs, it’s offered with an incentivised connected Ford Pro Home Charger, which the company will install, maintain and guarantee with a five-year warranty. To help reduce energy costs, Ford Pro charging software also enables users to schedule charging to maximise the use of off-peak energy tariffs, aimed at users who charge their vans using a domestic supply.

Styling wise, it looks the part. 19-inch rally-inspired alloy wheels, a bold body kit and front and rear diffusers enhance the look, with a vivid range of body colours including lairy Yellow Green, MS-RT Blue or Cadmium Yellow.

Inside, sports seats and MS-RT monogrammed head restraints complete the picture.

Total payload is 989kg (23kg less than the non MS-RT models due to the weight of the body kit) and there is a choice of body options - regular panel van or double-cab, with a standard L1 H1 body only.  

What does a Ford e-Transit Custom MS-RT cost?