Ford Transit Custom Nugget (2020 on)


130bhp automatic

reviewed by Anonymous on 2 March 2020
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Clever seign, great to drive

I bought this in Germany (not available in UK) so LHD. Westfalia really know their stuff; all the detail is so well worked out from a company that has been making vans since 1949, and it shows.
I had a problem with the auto sometimes searching for a gear; at the service I suspect Ford did a mod. because it hasnt happened since. The new generation engine is so powerful and in particular when cruising in France etc will pull effortlessly in the 50mph to 75mph making motorways a dream. quiet enough at 80 to enjoy DAB radio - I choose this over the VW version as you have a small d/bl bed downstairs with space at side to access at night to loo without leaving the warmth of the van - solar panel an extra thrown in by dealer is great with no worrying about that leisure battery. Ford recommends premium diesel which I discovered is available at costco, cut price.Love it.

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