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reviewed by seanadvantec on 27 November 2013
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I've driven this van and covered 51k. I was very happy with the way it drove. Fuel consumption isn't brilliant. Good spec good price.
It then broke down, the injectors failed. Recovered to the dealer and this is where the fun started.
Hyundai warranty insists the injectors are sent away to be tested. 3 wks later they were returned repaired.
2 weeks later they failed again, van recovered to the dealer where it has resided for the last 6 weeks whilst they have injectors tested 3 weeks again. They failed, pump sent away another 3 weeks, fuel sent for analysis. No repair date given.
Hyundai customer services are next to useless, they are unable to influence warranty times. I've had no courtesy van, I'm having to phone every couple of days to find out what's going on.
I wouldn't advise anyone buys 1 of these vans based on Hyundai warranty. It's a shame because it drives very well. The product is let down by the after sales.
To be fair it's not the dealers fault it's Hyundai's warranty policy.
If you still want 1 mine will be for sale soon!!

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reviewed by dd1 on 27 October 2012

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