Hyundai iLoad (2009 - 2015)

reviewed by seanadvantec on 27 November 2013

Hyundai ILoad Comfort

reviewed by dd1 on 27 October 2012
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Reliable, high-specced, capable

I bought this new from David at Hyundai London (02084576660). He had all colours in stock so delivery was two days.

The van is fantastic: its rear wheel drive gives an enjoyable drive and added traction under load. The spec is high: air con is appreciated, two side loading doors, ipod-ready. The seat is comfortable and the middle seat converts to a useful sunken table stopping stuff sliding onto the floor when braking. Electric windows. Quite fast and torquey. Stylish cabin.

It garners lots of appreciative looks from other van drivers and I've been asked about it by a number of self-employed workmen in the market for a new van. And I paid ALOT less than a Transit or Transporter would have cost. I don't like the lack of auto box, lack of armrest as standard, lack of central locking via keyfob as standard. Overall though: highly recommended!

I have added central locking via keyfob (standard via key-in-door), a reversing camera and winter wheels and tyres, glueing the van to the road in corners.

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MPG37.2 mpg
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