Isuzu D-Max (2012 - 2021)

reviewed by TONY HAYMAN on 29 March 2023
reviewed by TONY HAYMAN on 29 March 2023
reviewed by Anonymous on 11 September 2022

Utah Double Cab 4x4 2.5D

reviewed by David Milld on 20 March 2022
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Great looks, definitely a truck !

It’s a head turner when cleaned and polished. The chrome really sets the tone against the gleaming white of my dmax

On the road it’s noisy , with sometimes alarming intrusion in the cabin. Suddenly , you find you have the radio on full blast to hear it.
It settles down a bit on the motorway but then there is plenty of wind noise to contain, again the radio needs turning up

There is plenty of room inside for driver and passengers.
Seats are comfortable.

The circular design of the heating controls is very fiddly and impossible to use properly whilst driving, you need a good memory to adjust whilst on the move.

It’s quite nimble to manoeuvre, with good visibility , due to the large wing mirrors.

Everything inside looks good but the plastics feel cheap when you get your hands on them

It’s a thirsty beast and i can only get just over 30 even with steady driving
The manual gear box is okay but perhaps a tad notchy.

I bought it with towing a caravan in mind. Maybe then it will be a different review as everything I’ve heard about these is positive from a towing perspective

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reviewed by David Philip on 17 December 2019
reviewed by Anonymous on 4 February 2018
reviewed by Anonymous on 17 June 2016
reviewed by TheKingOfKings on 21 May 2014

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MPG33.6–38.2 mpg
Real MPG85.1%

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