Nissan NV200 (2009 - 2019)

reviewed by T44RXX on 26 January 2020
reviewed by Anonymous on 22 January 2020
reviewed by Ian Bland on 12 January 2020
reviewed by Anonymous on 1 February 2019
reviewed by Andy hickman on 28 August 2017

1.5dCi Euro 5 110PS SE Light Van

reviewed by Dampworks on 26 July 2016
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great light use van, perfect for an electrians, painter or florwer power seller

updated 25.07.16 fuel pump failure at 61k was replaced under warranty but the van was of the road for 3 days , the sign was the van would not start some days, leave it 10 minutes then it would start, then started to run lumpy then the fuel pump broke apart.
Nissan medway where amazing, they do all the lorry's so is a 24 hour garage and had out van back in record time, this was £1800 worth of work as was covered due to the low mileage, they said if it had been over 65 k they would have refused it as wear and tear.
load carrying is still a problem.

old review:

has been 100% reliable apart form the polish car wash soaking the engine plugs so it would not start.

has 50k on it now and its been worked very very hard.

its a great van, great on fuel but is let down by its load carrying capablilty, no good for builders or any one that needs to carry more than 10 bags of sand cemnt ect.

it does wander on the motor way as its tall plus light and has tiny tyres.

if they upped its load carry i would but a whole fleet but wont buy again as its cant carry enough gear.

the nissan dealers are rude , arroagnt and need to rember that they work for nissan not nasa as they are very stuck up, agressive and acosative any time you call them.

i opted for an afermarkey roof rack as the full racks are wider than the van and look realy silly.

reversing camera is good and so is the se spec range..

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reviewed by Dampworks on 19 February 2015
reviewed by blueman on 12 October 2014

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MPG53.3–57.6 mpg
Real MPG83.2%

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