February van sales are the strongest for over a quarter of a century

Almost 18,000 new light commercial vehicles were registered last month, making it the best February for the commercial vehicle market in the UK since 1998.

Demand for new LCVs grew by 2.2% in February to 17,934 units, marking 14 months of consecutive growth, according to the latest figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The increase represents the best February performance in 26 years.

The UK's best-selling van remained the Ford Transit, with the Ford Transit Custom and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter completing the top three. Meanwhile, sales of 4x4 pickups more than doubled compared with February 2023. 

The best-selling small van was the Citroen Berlingo, while the Vauxhall Vivaro remained the most popular electric van on the market.

But electric van sales fell overall, despite a new mandate requiring manufacturers to achieve a minimum proportion of zero emission registrations every year. February saw just 847 electric vans hit the road.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said: “Britain’s appetite for new vans remains undiminished with 14 months of growth and, with last month’s rethink of taxation for pick-ups, expansion looks to be sustained. However, this growth and confidence must be translated into zero emission vehicles if we are to deliver our green goals. Maintenance of essential incentives and a ramp up of dedicated van-suitable chargepoint installation will be vital if we are to help keep long-term, net zero fleet investment moving forward at the pace needed.”


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Are electric cars are here to stay?

Do you think EV's are here to stay and will the high repair costs plus insurance make them unaffordable for the masses? Also have designers lost the will to live as the front of vehicles look like sardine tins and extremely horrible?
Yes, EVs are the future. Repair costs aren't particularly high - yes, the batteries are expensive (but dropping in price as the technology improves and becomes more widespread), while mechanically there's a lot less to go wrong than a petrol or diesel car. No, I don't think designers have lost the will to live...
Answered by Andrew Brady
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