Top 10 tips for buying an approved used van

Approved used van sales can save you thousands when it comes to buying a nearly new or used van for sale. What’s more, owing to the fact that all approved used van sales are back by the manufacturer, you get that extra peace of mind, with a cast iron guarantee that should protect you in the event of anything going wrong.

But there are still a few golden rules and tips to help you...

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What exactly is an approved used van? 

An approved used van is sold with a guarantee from the manufacturer that the vehicle's condition and history is in tip top condition. Most have reasonable mileage (less than 50,000 miles) and just one or two previous owners. 

Almost all van manufacturers offer an approved used scheme, although the names differ from each maker – Ford Approved, Das Welt Auto, Network Q - but the principles remain the same, with the manufacturer providing a set of guarantees about the van's condition. 


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