Citroen Dispatch (2016 on)

reviewed by gaswaves on 28 April 2019

dispatch m enterprise plus 2.0 ss blue hdi

reviewed by gaswaves on 1 April 2019
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very quiet, rear camera superb, simple little touches need improving to better it further

Just bought the medium enterprise plus 2 litre 120 bhp blue hdi start stop having had a 2014 custom limited lwb 290 125ps from new.

Citroen likes are: based on my first 65 miles in it

Quietness, rear / front camera, rear doors both have secure latches at the top, folding wing mirrors on locking - easy to see you have locked the van. Lots of door pockets Start stop function, lift up window passenger seat for extra storage if needed, easy clean alloy wheels, front collision warning in town traffic 12 volt supply in the rear, height and reach adjustable steering wheel, easy to see sat nav screen

Dislikes compared to the ford:

No leather steering wheel / gear knob, no cornering headlights, no lockable and small glove box, takes a long time for the engine to get warm, no interior mirrors or lighted mirrors in the both sun visors, no coat hooks, no heated seats, no heated windscreen, loads and loads of finished topcoat paint "missing" under the bonnet, unfinished spray gloss colour in the rear, no mud flaps front or rear, no fold down roof rack, no 3 year rac cover - one year only as standard, driver and passenger seat door sills very easy to scratch, rear bumper top very easy to scratch, both side doors sills very easy to scratch, two commands to operate the voice control Bluetooth phone - needs to be one only, brake fluid top up very difficult to access - a worry if spilt, no hid main headlights, no led load lights, none of the 12volt supplies stay perminantly live, weather in the front or rear,

Initial improvements that I would suggest to the citroen would be

The insulated bulkhead, available as an option on the citroen should be standard on the range, the ultrasonic alarm sensor in the front should also be standard in the rear, in the van version, the rear view mirror needs to be removed as it is redundant, the ariel needs to be on the right or left in case you have a low garage and need to reach it to screw it off, currently it sits in the middle of the van, the roof rack fixings on top of the van look like a complete after though "welded bits" and detract from looks, passenger manual door lock unnecessary as drivers door has one, low level outside trim could do to be higher to protect against supermarket door dings by others, the "storage area" below the passengers glove box is a waste of time as its too small, the top dashboard storage area needs to be bigger , deeper and hinged, side load restraining hooks would be useful as if you ply line the floor you have cut outs as this is the only place they are provided, cruise control ought to be on the steering wheel for easier usage, blind spot mirrors useful in case the electric ones fail would be useful, cant find the tyre pressure moniter for love nor money in the vehicle having looked in the manual, needs an option to extend the warranty to 5 years or should be standard as its the same vehicle as the Toyota proace which comes with 5 as standard

I did not return to another ford custom, my last one by fords design (unless they have changed it) let water run from the windscreen into the alternator and over the bcm by design- really bad in wet weather, I had a whistle on the turbo at 32000 miles only and a new oil cooler, not driven hard and serviced every year including oil and filter changes, very egg shaped affecting rear storage volume, cabin noisy compared to the citroen diesels engine, only got 24mpg in 4.5 years of ownership as all town driving and loaded up

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