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reviewed by Neil Wrightson on 12 June 2024
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The most annoying vehicle ever

This is a review for the diesel version, not the electric version and it could be a great van: the suspension in particular is excellent and no longer uses 17th century cart springs.

The ride is very good and the seats are really comfortable too. Even the double seat is comfortable enough for someone 1.95m tall and it has enough legroom too.

The diesel engine is fine, although ours misfires when cold and has a habit of stuttering when trying to accelerate out of a junction.... which can be alarming.

But it gets worse.....

It is very flimsy, on our van there are 4 inner braces behind the trim panels that are not even connected to the outer panels. They simply have no sealant on them and one of the braces vibrated against the outer skin until I bent it out of the way to shut up the noise.

The steering is vague and really light. It doesn't feel like it is connected to the wheels (which of course it isn't... and it shows). Fine in town at low speed (unless it decides to steer for you), but not so good on the motorway.

But the most annoying thing is the way the van sucks any joy you may have once had out of driving.

If you hate driving and you can't be bothered to look where you are going or pay attention to what you are doing then it may be for you. But if you do like driving then the way the van shouts at you like a drunken mother in law will leave you so tense that you will start driving badly as a result.

BONG. .. it thinks you are going too fast (at times telling you completely the wrong speed limit anyway.... the slip road on the M60 going into the outside lane is a 30 limit apparently and not far from my house it insists it's a 20 limit when it's a 30)..BONG.. ... it tells you to put the handbrake on for some reason....BONG..... put your hands on the wheel.......BONG..... take a rest.... after all you have been driving for 20 minutes...BONG/CAUTION/FLASHING DASHBOARD collision iminent (simply passing parked cars)...BONG....BONG....BONG.

You cannot turn the BONGs off or even turn the volume down and it is very loud.

You can turn the speed limit BONG off if you press 7 times on the touch screen, but you have to do this every time you start the engine and you need to be looking at the screen to do so.... try turning it off when driving and you end up pressing somewhere else on the screen instead and then you have to pull over to work out what on earth the infotainment is doing now.

The 'driver assistance' is positively dangerous, it is so distracting to drive with and so distracting to try to turn off.

The handbrake sometimes stays on and sometimes does not. The door locks sometimes open and sometimes don't.

It steers you left towards cyclists as you go wide of them and then steers you right towards an oncoming tractor as you ease over to let it past.

Our company has had the van almost 6 months now and it has only done 1,000 miles, as I hate it so much I choose to drive anything else available... It cost £44,000 including vat and we were so looking forward to it. It will be interesting to see if the VW transporter version will be any better.

So far it has had 2 recalls, but they have not yet been addressed, as the dealer has the cheek to charge £20 a day to have some kind of courtesy vehicle whilst they do the recall work and try to find the reasons for the misfire.... and they are booked up for over 2 months...... that says it all. For the cost of the van, I would expect a lot better van in the first place and a lot better customer service when there is something wrong with it.

It is genuinely the vehicle I have disliked driving the most and if I had to sum the van up in one word, it would be HATEFUL.

This is such a shame, as with a bit better build quality (which will come with time, as it's a brand new design after all) and the removal of the awful infotainment/driver assistance system, it could be great.

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