Renault Master Z.E/e-Tech (2018 – 2024) Review

Renault Master Z.E/e-Tech (2018 – 2024) At A Glance

+Huge load area, decent payload, refined

-Limited range, feels outdated in some areas

The Renault Master ZE was something of a pioneer, with only it and the Mercedes e-Sprinter offering genuine large van capacity with all-electric power. But rivals have caught up and now it’s no longer an innovator, so does the big panel van still make sense? Read our full Renault Master e-Tech review to find out.

Originally called the Renault Master ZE and offered alongside the all-electric Renault Kangoo ZE, the model received a facelift in 2019 and was relaunched as the Renault Master e-Tech.

When new, it led the pack – no other manufacturer was brave enough to offer a fully electric large van (though Mercedes soon followed) and it needed a huge battery pack to be functional, adding substantial weight.

That battery is a 52kWh item, which isn’t as impressive as it once was in terms of capacity and gives the Renault Master e-Tech a range of 124 miles based on WLTP standards.

Critically, it also doesn’t support three-phase high-speed charging, which will limit the van’s appeal, though it’s still suitable for users who have the capacity to charge it overnight - around 10 hours on a domestic supply, or six with a single-phase AC wallbox with fast-charging capacity.

Where it does shine, though, is in its flexibility. There is an impressive choice of 15 different versions available including chassis cabs and multiple body lengths and roof heights, giving between eight and 15 cubic metres of load capacity and a payload of up to 1.2 tonnes - 450kg less than a diesel Renault Master.

The Renault Master e-Tech is set to be replaced in late 2024, meaning its appeal as a new vehicle is limited, but as a used electric van it holds a fair amount of appeal.

The Renault Master e-Tech is a van designed to fit a very specific brief and when considered on that basis alone, it acquits itself quite well.

But for most users, it represents a compromise and while Renault ought to be commended for leading the pack, it appears that others have now caught up, and quite a few have overtaken the French manufacturer. It will be interesting to see how it fights back when the new Renault Master e-Tech makes its debut.

What does a Renault Master Z.E/e-Tech (2018 – 2024) cost?