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Our Vans: Ford Transit Connect Sport

1 November 2019: Standing out from the crowd

The Details

Current mileage 1400
Claimed economy 56.5mpg
Actual economy 49.8mpg

It's becoming increasingly difficult to buy a small van that stands out from the commercial vehicle crowd these days, with manufacturer partnerships severely narrowing the choice of vehicles with any individuality.

The Peugeot Partner, for example, is rebadged and resold by CitroenToyota and Vauxhall. Admittedly, these vans are (slightly) restyled and get differing levels of warranty, but they are (mechanically speaking) broadly the same. The Transit Connect Sport, however, is pretty much exclusive to Ford. 

Now don't get me wrong, the vans that PSA and Toyota churn out are hugely accomplished. But the fact they are all the same is a bit of a turn off. Especially if you are a soletrader who wants a vehicle that is going to raise the profile of your business and make it stand out from the white van crowd.  

Indeed, if you are one of those people who likes to attract attention then the Transit Connect Sport will be the van for you. It never fails to get noticed by people in the street and always manages to turn a head or three in a supermarket car park. Slap some business branding on the sidewalls and rear doors and I think it'll be a business generator all on its own. 

Ford _Transit _Connect _013

What are the negatives of owning a flash van? Well, you can guarantee that parking attendants and traffic wardens will be itching to hit you with a ticket. I image the local police will be drawn to a white van with racing stripes that's motoring along in the outside lane of the motorway, too. But for sensible drivers? There is nothing to fear. 

In regards to running costs, the Transit Connect Sport is returning 48mpg. This has been achieved with a mixture of modest payloads. I would imagine that the average fuel figures would be two or three points lower if I was maximising the van's 718kg. But on the whole the Ford stays on the right side of affordable. And it's car-like handing remains a highlight - this really is a rewarding van to drive.

Having clocked up 1400 miles, I've noticed that the seats in this version of the Transit Connect are not the best. For sure, the part leather finish is smart and generally fine for a long trip but they can't match the cushioned comfort you get in the Limited version.

If finding a van with a good driver's seat is key then you might be better with the slightly cheaper van with the cloth seats. I'd go as far to say the Transit Connect Limited is one of the most comfortable small vans I've ever sat in. And as much as I love the styling of the Sport, it doesn't leave you feeling as fresh (and ready for work) as its cheaper sibling.

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1 November 2019: Standing out from the crowd
It's becoming increasingly difficult to buy a small van that stands out from the commercial vehicle crowd these days...
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