Fleet insurance claim has affected my personal car premium - what can I do?

I run a gardening business with three work vehicles and have fleet coverage for all of these vehicles. During the past year, I have had two claims made against our company due to my staff drivers being involved in minor road accidents (cosmetic damage only). However, since my personal car insurance has been renewed, I've been informed my premium has rocketed because the business fleet insurance was under my name. What can I do?

Asked on 4 December 2019 by peter woolley

Answered by Honest John
Then you need to complain to whomever you took out your fleet insurance because the policy has been set up incorrectly. The insurance should have been taken out in the company name and not under your name. Raise a complaint with the broker or the insurer (if done directly) and inform them you expect this to be resolved. If done through a broker, request details of their professional indemnity insurance and advise that you will be raising a claim for the increase in premiums for the next five years on all of your policies.
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